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In the name of Christ we offer a warm welcome and encouragement in your Christian journey.

Welcome to a friendly, active church with a membership of 204, from various backgrounds and countries, and of all ages.

Come and join us!



10.30 am (with activities for all ages);
6.30 pm (Upper Room)
─  Holy Communion as announced.

12.15 – 12.45 pm (Upper Room)
─  Holy Communion as announced.


1.00-1.30 pm Prayers for healing (Upper Room);
6.00 pm Service in Swahili on alternate weeks (Upper Room). 

Check here for details of the Sunday Worship Services during May 2016.


Morning Bible readings: Isaiah 6: 1-8; John 3: 1-17

Sunday 22 May 2016: Trinity Sunday

10.30 am
Deacon Brenda Hayes
Aldersgate Sunday
Join us for refreshments after the service, upstairs in the Hall – there is a lift

6.30 pm
Revd Catherine Hutton
Service of Holy Communion in the Upper Room

 Sunday 29 May 2016

 10.30 am
Revd Catherine Hutton
Join us for refreshments after the service, upstairs in the Hall

6.30 pm
Deacon Julie Hudson
Worship in the Upper Room


Visitors are always welcome amongst us. On arrival, please make yourself known to one of the Stewards or the Minister.

All are welcome in this place.

May 2016

God in the Arts

He gave us eyes to see them ─ Stained Glass Windows

Windows_01AWindows_01BYou may know story of the little girl with her family during a guided tour around a cathedral.  As the bright light streamed through one of the windows, she asked the guide who were the people depicted there.  ‘Those are the saints,’ he replied.  Later that evening the girl told her mummy, ‘I know who the saints are.’  ‘Do you, dear?  Who are they?’ the mother asked.  The little girl replied: ‘They are the people who let the light shine through.’

When the summer sun rises, its light catches the east window of a church I look after.  It shines through the figures and colours of the Annunciation scene to bathe the chancel in a warm glow.  Later as the sun sets, it shines once again through the west window showing Christ surrounded by angels, with the same wonderful effect.  They are two stained glass windows by the Victorian designer, Kempe.  But in St Mary’s Church, Fairford in Gloucestershire, there are an incredible 28 windows of medieval glass that have survived the centuries and continue to astonish the visitor.

As the sun catches this array of windows, the colours take on a new, vibrant life.  We see scenes in the life of our Lord and our Lady, Old Testament prophets, New Testament apostles and the communion of saints.  The eye moves round and we reach the west window portraying Christ in majesty and the day of judgement.  This great work has been attributed to the royal glazier Barnard Flower, who was influenced by the late medieval illuminated prayer books.  The windows are a living witness to his skill and faith.

George Herbert has a poem that calls us to shine out like the church windows.  It is easy, he says, to be ‘brittle crazy glass’, but in God’s good grace we can become like a window where colours and light, belief and life can combine and mingle to radiate out into the world

Michael Burgess