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In the name of Christ we offer a warm welcome and encouragement in your Christian journey.

Welcome to a friendly, active church with a membership of 204, from various backgrounds and countries, and of all ages.

Come and join us!


 Great musical opportunity

at Chapel Field Road Methodist Church!

Are you a dynamic person with a strong Christian faith who could lead and develop our music?

We have a strong musical tradition and a well-established adult choir. We need someone to play traditional and contemporary hymns and songs at our morning services.

We have a pipe organ and a grand piano.  We want to build up music with children and young people.

You would need to accompany the choir or accompany/direct at rehearsals on Friday evenings.  You can even conduct our Christmas orchestra!

 We have relief organists and the choir does not sing in August.

Remuneration and leave by agreement.

 Please get in touch with our minister
Rev. Catherine Hutton 01603 452086



10.30 am (with activities for all ages);
6.30 pm (Upper Room)
─  Holy Communion as announced.

12.15 – 12.45 pm (Upper Room)
─  Holy Communion as announced.


1.00-1.30 pm Prayers for healing (Upper Room);
6.00 pm Service in Swahili on alternate weeks (Upper Room). 

Check here for details of the Sunday Worship Services during August 2016.


Morning Bible readings: Isaiah 5: 1-7;  Matthew 21: 33-45; John 15: 1-5
Introit:  I owe my Lord a morning song ─ W: John Bell; M: English trad.
Duet:  Shall we gather at the river? ─ Robert Lowry

Sunday 28 August 2016

10.30 am
Ann Morton
Join us for refreshments after the service, upstairs in the Hall – there is a lift

5.00 pm
Evening service at Morley Methodist Church

Sunday 4 September 2016

10.30 am
Revd Catherine Hutton
Covenant Service including Holy Communion

6.30 pm
Revd Briant Smith
Worship in the Upper Room


Visitors are always welcome amongst us.  On arrival, please make yourself known to one of the Stewards or the Minister.

All are welcome in this place.

August 2016

God in the Arts
He gave us eyes to see them ─ the Church roof and Ceiling
Roof_AUG16Each month we have been making our way through the church building and pausing to ponder different areas.  This month we look up to the roof and ceiling of the church.  In Gothic buildings our hearts are lifted high as the architecture soars upwards, trying to touch the very skirts of heaven.  Norman churches in an earlier age by contrast seem weighed down by the stonework with heavy pillars and simpler windows.

This August we travel to a church consecrated much later—at the beginning of the 20th century.  It is a wonderful monument to the Arts and Crafts Movement: St Andrew’s Church at Roker, near Sunderland.  It was commissioned by a shipyard millionaire, and there is a vivid sense of an upturned boat as we enter the nave.  The building abounds with riches: a font with its cover by Mouseman Thompson of Kilburn, lettering by Eric Gill on plaques around the walls, and a beautiful lectern by Ernest Gimson.  But our eyes are drawn to the east end – to the reredos tapestry of Burn-Jones, and then above, a ceiling by Eric Gill’s brother, MacDonald, that proclaims the glory of creation.

The sky is studded with stars and the moon, and surrounded by trees and undulating lines of water.  In the centre the sun is a brilliant light fitting for the east end.  And from the clouds we see the creative hand of God raised in blessing.  It is the opening chapter of Genesis portrayed in colour and shape above us.  There we read that God rested on the seventh day.  As we give thanks for that glory we see in St Andrew’s Church and in our world around, we can hear George Herbert’s hymn telling us how a life of work and rest should always be permeated by praise.

‘Seven whole days, not one in seven, I will praise thee.’

 Michael Burgess