The Minister writes… January 2018

Dear Friends,
Revd Debbie, Sophia and I would like to wish you a very happy New Year and much love as we move into 2018.
For the past 18 months, the Business Committee, the Stewards and Leaders have been talking about the fabric of our premises and how it functions. We have much to be thankful for. However, we recognise that the building was not designed for some of the areas of mission and ministry which are now important to the church and society. We remain mindful of the scale and design of the interior of the sanctuary and its historical value.
The time has come to seriously consider how the church may be made easier for people to be in and to be able to worship God. We invite you to consider with us how being in the church might be easi-er.
We are taking the word ‘easier’ and using it to help our thinking.

E The church should be suitable for Everybody.
A The church should be Accessible – physically, visually, audibly.
S The church should be Safe – for children, families together and adults of every age and ability.
I The church should be able to Include all people in every aspect of our mission, weekly activities and especially worship.
E The church should be Engaging. A pleasant environment that draws people towards it and embraces them once within.
R The church should be able to offer refreshment. Spiritually – of course, but also physical refreshment that shows good hospitality to all.

At our Together in Worship service on 21st January, we will be offering our thoughts so far into the process and asking for your thoughts and opinions to be written down in response to the presentation on that day. This will enable us to pray and worship God together and seek his ‘good, pleasing and perfect will’ as we endeavour to do what is right for His glory.