From the notices 4 February 2018

  • Frances Middleton writes: Next Sunday, 11 February, is Racial Justice Sunday, when we will explore what Welcome means in our city. There will be input from a staff member at Bridge Plus, an advice centre for refugees, and from Ariya, a local preacher in training, originally from Sri Lanka. We look forward to an interesting
  • Revd Debbie Caulk’s Ordination will take place on Sunday 1 July at 4.00 pm at Newark Methodist Church. We are considering hiring a coach as Debbie has 50 tickets. If you would like to go, please give your name to Terry Dunning in order to see if this is feasible. More details will be announced when we know potential numbers. The sooner you make up your mind the sooner we can book the coach!
  • The Norwich Foodbank warehouse capacity has recently been increased, which has involved some reorganisation and assessment of current needs. Keep an eye on the Shopping List overleaf, which week by week will help you to respond appropriately. Your generosity is always noticed and appreciated by the volunteers who work there.
  • You’re invited to join with other churches in praying this week for Old Meeting Congregational Church, Colegate, and for the Health Centres in our city.