From the Notices: 26th May 2019

 We are sad to hear of the sudden death of Cliff Cooper, who with Anne attended our morning services for many years. They were expert players at our Table Tennis Club. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. His funeral service will be held at Earlham Crematorium on Monday 3 June at 11.00 am.

 A Service of Thanksgiving for the life of David Barber will be held on Friday 7 June at 3.00 pm at Chapel Field Road. We remember Eleanor and her family in our thoughts and prayers.

 The total raised from our Easter Offering envelope collection this year was £380.00. Thank you for your generous response. The Circuit Easter Offering Dedication Service will be held at Costessey Methodist Church next Sunday afternoon, 2 June, at 4.00 pm, followed by bring and share refreshments.

 The May edition of Contact, our Church magazine, is out now. Do ask the Pew Stewards for your copy.

 If you’re turning out your cupboards and drawers, don’t forget the Jumble Sale in September. Any good quality items that you can donate will be most welcome. This doesn’t include glass, electrical items or bedding.

 If you have a key to the Church car park please see Michael Kellard as soon as possible to renew your permit and pay your annual fee of £46.00.

 We’re invited to join with other churches in praying this week for St Stephen’s and for the Fire Service in our city.

She watches
like a hawk poised on a branch,
listens unblinking, waits for the moment.

Calm and clear
her voice rises and falls
as she calls the spirits of earth and water,

summons the ebb
and flow of the river,
slippery with eels, streaming with weed,

calls the wind
and listens for his whisper
in the silent shimmering trees,

names her neighbours,
the weeds and wild flowers,
beautiful, shy, awkward and ugly,

explores the space
between, the space between words,
between stones, between leaves;

the spaciousness of love.

                              Alice Oswald, poet, at a reading at UEA in 2011

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