From the Notices: 16th February 2020

Do you enjoy singing? If so, why not come a long and join the choir for rehearsal on a Friday evening at 7.30 pm in the Upper Room? The ability to read music isn’t required. You will be made very welcome.

This February we remember Anne Frank, the Jewish girl who died 75 years ago in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp when she was just 15. She and her parents had hidden in their attic in Amsterdam, the entrance concealed behind a bookcase. Her tiny room is just as it was when she was forced to leave it when the family were betrayed by an informer. Their house is now a museum which you can visit – but get there early or face a very long queue.

We’re invited to join with other churches in praying this week for the Quakers and for the Citizen’s Advice Bureau in our city.