Prayer calendar


See also the list of preacher at the bottom of this list.

December 1 2019 – January 5 2020

1 (Advent) Lord, we welcome you, the God who comes to us. Come now in the power of the Holy Spirit, so that we may share your life and your love.

2 We pray for all who are homeless, that they may find shelter and hope this Christmas and be able to look forward to a better New Year.

3 We pray for all who work at City College and the students who are taught there. Bless the institution and the learning that goes on in it.

4 “Many the gifts, many the people, many the hearts that yearn to belong. Let us be servants to one another, making your kingdom come.” (StF 706)

5 God of all holiness, renew our hope in you, as we wait for the coming in glory of Jesus Christ, our judge and saviour.

6 Living God, you have chosen us, called us to follow you, commissioned us to serve you and to proclaim the good news. In Christ you bring us out of darkness and into your wonderful light.

7 Lord, help me never to pander, in what I say or write, to the lowest denominator; never to seek popularity at the expense of truth.

8 Pray for the evening service in the Upper Room, that it may continue to provide a different and relevant form of service for those who attend.

9 O Lord, we pray for those families who are desperate because they do not know where the money will come from to enable them to celebrate Christmas in the way they expect.

10 Living God, let my faith be rooted in delight, celebrating your presence, as the Lord of the dance, lightening my steps and giving me a smile.

11 We pray for all who work in Norwich’s shops at Christmas, including temporary staff, as they face their busiest time of the year.

12 Lord, we pray for the General Election taking place today. May the country be inspired to vote in a way which can overcome our divisions and help to calm the future for all of us.

13 Give me a heart content and a mind at rest, so that I may sleep in peace and rise in strength.

14 We pray for our Shoppers Coffee Morning, that it will attract people during the run up to Christmas and will be able to continue into the New Year.

15 (Gift Service) We pray for all who will be receiving the gifts we have brought to church today.

16 O Lord you sent John the Baptist to prepare your people for the coming of the Messiah. Inspire us to stand with confidence before you as the stewards of your truth for our generation.

17 Pray for the United Church of North India and for its leaders, as they focus on mission and seek to address the pressing issues of poverty and poor health.

18 Pray for all who have suffered a bereavement recently. May they find your comfort and strength and enabling power.

19 May I accustom myself to be gentle and never be angry with people because of circumstances.

20 Pray for the churches of Central Norwich as they proclaim the Christmas message.

21 O God, in whom there is no darkness, on this shortest day enlighten us by your presence that we may live in your peace.

22 Lord, your love overwhelms me, your grace amazes me and your generosity showers me with good gifts. Help me today to respond to others in ways that reflect the good news of the gospel.

23 “O Holy child of Bethlehem, descend to us, we pray; cast out our sin and enter in; be born in us today!” (StF 213)

24 O God, our precious gift, let our candles be lit tonight and our eyes be shining bright, to reflect our joy at your coming.

25 (Christmas Day) Lord, give us a vision of your glory, such as the shepherds saw. Help us to approach Bethlehem, so that we too may become part of the story of Christ’s life in the world.

26 (Boxing Day) Holy child of Bethlehem, in you the eternal was pleased to dwell. Help us to see that divine image in everyone we meet.

27 “What can I give him, poor as I am? If I were a shepherd, I would bring a lamb. If I were a wise man, I would do my part. Yet what I can I give him …give my heart.” (StF 204)

28 We pray for young people in this season of hope, that they may have fullness of life through work, education, health and housing through their formative years.

29 Pray for all who work for the Police Service in Norfolk and help them to fulfil their difficult task wisely and efficiently.

30 O Lord, we pray that people with disabilities may be enabled increasingly to play their part, on equal terms in the life of our society.

31 Give thanks for all the kindness and love that has sustained you throughout the past year.

1 (Jan) (New Year) We give thanks for the blessings of a New Year and all the opportunities it will offer us. May we always look for ways to serve you and to recognise your action in the world.

2 Thank you God, for quiet things – for drowsy birds with folded wings, for daisies as they close their eyes, and tunes that sound like lullabies; for trees that stand so still and tall and snow that makes no sound at all.

3 Forgive me, Lord, that my response to you has not always been in evidence. Too often I have hidden my light under a bowl and remained silent when I should have spoken out.

4 Pray for those who bring and arrange the flowers for our weekly worship.

5 O God of unchangeable power and eternal light, look favourably on your whole church, that it may carry out the work of salvation and show that all things can be made new.

Preachers from our church, for whom we are asked to pray, as they fulfil appointments in other churches around this Circuit.

1 Dec Frances Middleton Forncett 10.45 am

Matthew Olanrewaju Morley 3.00 pm

8 Dec David Ingham Old Buckenham 10.45 am

15 Dec Stephen Osborn Old Buckenham 10.45 am

Matthew Olanrewaju St Peters Jessopp Road 10.45 am

22 Dec David Ingham Hethersett 10.00 am

29 Dec David Ingham Trinity Thorpe Marriott 10.00 am

5 Jan Frances Middleton Brooke 10.30 am

David Ingham Attleborough 10.30 am

David Ingham Hethersett 6.30 pm