Prayer calendar

 2-30 June 2019

2 O God help us to be confident that in every situation we can turn to you and that you can help us and show us your example for our lives.

3 Father, we pray that we may accept your control over our lives and find fulfillment in your plan for humankind.

4 We pray for the church in Ghana, giving thanks for its growth and for its work with people with disabilities.

5 We pray for all who work as nurses or carers in the many homes and hospitals in the area. May they be responsive at all times to the needs of those they care for.

6 This new day you give to me from your great eternity. This new day enfold me in your loving hold. You are the star of the morn, you are the day newly born, you are the light of the night, you are the Saviour by your might.

7 From chaos and emptiness, from loneliness and lifelessness, from fearfulness and shapelessness; come Creator, come.

8 Let us pray for a sense of balance and proportion in our daily life and for the saving grace of humour.

9 (Pentecost) Spirit of new life, forgive us our selfishness, that we may be open to your love and for your service in the world.

10 Come Holy Spirit and show us what is true in the world around us, where so many go hungry or die in ignorance or misunderstand our Christian words and worship.

11 “Baptise us with your Spirit to careful, patient thought and habit-forming virtue aspired to, copied, taught.” (StF 369)

12 Lord, bless those who are tempted. Give them strength to resist and warning to avoid the circumstances which lead to such temptation.

13 Pray for the members of Cameo as they gather this evening for their annual meeting. May they find sufficient volunteers to enable them to maintain their programme.

14 Pray for our Senior Table Tennis Club and the benefits they get from their regular Friday games.

15 Thank God for some success you have achieved in recent days. Help us not to rest on our oars but to push ahead and aim still higher in using our talents to benefit others.

16 (Trinity Sunday/ Fathers’ Day) You are the Word made flesh, and through your Spirit’s activity, we both know the Father and trust his love at work within us. Help us to fulfil that love’s purpose in our lives.

17 We give thanks for the Church of South India, now in its eighth decade of ecumenical witness. Bless its work with children and schools and its variety of ways of proclaiming justice, equality and peace.

18 Pray for the work of marriage guidance counsellors and for those who are in need of such guidance.

19 Give serenity and peace to those who are terminally ill or moving to the end of their lives and bless those who wait, nurse and pray for them.

20 Eternal light, shine in our hearts; eternal power be our support; eternal pity have mercy on us, that with all our heart and mind we may seek thy face.

21 (First Day of Summer) We give thanks for the warmer weather and pray for all who are looking forward to the rest and relaxation of holiday times away from their busy lives.

22 “O speak to reassure me, to chasten or control; Lord, speak and make me listen, O guardian of my soul” (StF 563)

23 We pray for all who depend on benefits from the state. May they know the joy of receiving and the responsibility of giving in return when they are able.

24 Pray for our Badminton Club and for the fun and fellowship they obtain from the regular games.

25 We pray for all who work in Norwich for Aviva, as the company goes through a further shrinking and redundancies.

26 Creator of all living things, we pray your blessing on all animals in captivity, that they may be loved and cared for.

27 Good shepherd, be over me to shelter me, under me to uphold me, before me to lead me and ever with me to save me.

28 (St Irenaeus of Lyons) We thank God for the theologians who have interpreted the Word down the centuries since the Gospels were written.

29 Open our minds to the endless possibilities of life and all the hope and blessings you give us in our journey with you.

30 We pray for the work of Local Preachers and for their training and for all in our Circuit who maintain our worship week by week.