Prayer calendar


1          “My eyes be open to your presence, my ears to hear your call. My heart be open to your love and in your arms to fall.” (StF 560)

2          Give me this day my daily bread and with it, may I realise that your gifts sustain me throughout every day.

3          Lift us, Lord, from darkness to light, from sickness to health, from distress to calm. Lift us, Lord, in mind and spirit, in word and deed, in body and soul. Amen

4 (Homelessness Sunday) We pray for all those who work to help the homeless, especially in our own city the Night Shelter, St Martin’s Housing Trust and the Salvation Army teams.

5          Pray for our Pastoral Team, who meet today, that they may continue to coordinate our concerns for those of our number who are sick or failing.

6          “Heal your children’s warring madness; bend our pride to your control; shame our wanton, selfish gladness, rich in things and poor in soul. Grant us wisdom, grant us courage, lest we miss your kingdom’s goal.” (StF 682)

7          In the opening of a book, in the watching of a film, in listening to good music, speak to us Lord.

8          Lead me, Lord, down the tracks of thoughtfulness; in the streets of sensitivity, by the journey of joyfulness.

9          We pray for the members of our Choir and thank God for the musical items that they bring into our worship.

10        We pray for the Methodist Church in Bolivia and in Ecuador in their work with young people and for the growth of the churches there.

11        Lord, we pray for reconciliation between religions. May those who profess faith recognise the good in other faiths and never seek to denigrate and misrepresent their beliefs.

12        Pray for the people who keep our roads and railways clear in the winter

13        We pray for children born handicapped. Help us to accept the reality of the situation and to include those children fully in our love and care.

14 (Ash Wednesday) As we move into the period of Lent, help us to focus afresh on our Lord Jesus and his relationship with his father God and all that that means for us.      

15        Lord, it is the greatest marvel of all that you took human form and spoke to us in Christ Jesus. He is the authentic word for every generation, so help us to listen to him and to follow his way of communicating with others.

16        We confess to God our sins of greed. Help us to overcome our attention to our selfish wants and turn to the needs of the world this Lent.

17        Pray for the staff of hospices who provide the services for those who are nearing their death, that they may be sensitive and caring in all they do.

18        “When we face temptation’s power, lonely, struggling, filled with dread; Christ who knew the tempter’s hour, come and be our living bread.” (StF 237)

19        Lord we praise you that you have always provided for human needs. You provide our daily food to strengthen us to walk in ways of love and service.

20        In our weakness, Lord, be our strength. In our sinfulness be to us pardoning love. In our anxiety be to us fullness of blessing. Amen

21        May I accustom myself to be gentle and never be angry with people because of circumstances.

22        We pray for the Cameo group meeting tonight and specifically for Zing, as she shares with us a report on the trip to Zimbabwe last year.

23        God, our Father, set our hearts at liberty from the service of ourselves, and let it be meat and drink to us to do your will.

24        May we be so aware of you today, that each moment becomes a holy place, and each encounter is enriched with your grace.

25        We pray for the Sunday evening service and for those of our community who come specifically to that service. May it continue to provide a variety and interest.

26        Pray for all who work in the building industry in Norwich.

27        Pray for our Day Centre and all those who benefit from the service and company there.

28        O Lord, make the old tolerant, the young sympathetic, the great humble, the busy patient and make me what I ought to be.



1          Lord of heaven and earth, we thank you for the seasonal rhythms and changes that are part of the creation. Help us to know, through all the changers that you are God and that you care for us.

2          Lift us, Lord, from darkness to light; from sickness to health; from distress to calm. Lift us, Lord from sadness to joy; from fear to faith; from loneliness to love.

3          Thank God for all the ways in which we are blessed by our families.

4          All things exist only in God’s light and your glory is declared even in that which denies you. The darkness declares the glory of light.