Prayer calendar


May 3 – 31 2020

3 Faithful God, come to us when we feel forsaken, when words of love and praise ring hollow. Come to us with your undying word of everlasting love and hope reborn.

4 We pray for all the children who are not in school and are being cared for at home. We pray especially for those who do not have the means to keep in touch with friends and teachers on line of by digital means.

5 May your loving hands continue to stretch out and touch us in the midst of suffering and pain.

6 Pray for God’s blessing on the Chairman of our District, Rev Julian Pursehouse, especially at this difficult time when meetings are cancelled and outreach seems to be on hold.

7 “Let heaven echo, let the earth sing: Jesus is saviour of everything. All those who trust him Christ will receive; therefore obey, rejoice and believe.” (StF 304)

8 I am ashamed, O Lord, that I forget you, because I am thinking of myself. You ask me to look up at you and to rely only on you. Lord forgive me.

9 Pray for all nurses and nursing assistants in our City – in hospital, care homes, specialist centres etc.

10 God of peace, breathe on this fractured world and heal its divisions, which seem to get daily wider. Breathe on those who hate and unclench their fist to embrace the objects of their hate.

11 We give thanks for the gift of music and its capacity to move us and inspire our thoughts.

12 Give me joy in my heart and help me to share that outlook with those I meet today.

13 We give thanks for the church in Puerto Rico, working to rebuild the island after the devastating hurricane in 2017.

14 Pray for the members of our African Fellowship group and give thanks for their positive contribution to our worship and fellowship.

15 Praise the Lord, the one who sets us free; the one who gives us happiness; the one who offers forgiveness. Thank you Jesus for all your greatness.

16 Remind us that our calling is to care for the world and its people and this reflects your own heart for the poor and that you are with us as we seek to serve them in your name.

17 As we reflect on the weeks of inactivity and no church services, we pray that we may be renewed and envigorated to reach out to others, when we are once again able to do so.

18 We pray for those who find faith difficult, or who have lost their faith. Help them to grow in faith and become closer to you, as they do so.

19 In the voice of a friend, in the chatter of a child, in the words of a stranger, speak Lord, for your servant listens.

20 Thank you God for the precious gift of friendship. Friends are so special; they share our joys and sorrows; they give us food for thought. Bless them all in Jesus’ name, Amen

21 (Ascension Day) As we stand gazing upwards, bring us back to earth, through the songs of the suffering and the faces of a the hungry.

22 Pray for the members of our Senior Table Tennis Club.

23 “Rejoicing in Christ’s promise we wait with prayer and praise, the spirit sent from heaven to set the earth ablaze.” (StF 315)

24 (Aldersgate Sunday) We give thanks for the witness of John and Charles Wesley and pray that our hearts may be warmed as we worship and work together and study your word.

25 Teach us, O God, to trust your providence, ordered and sure; to accept your wisdom, unerring and true; and to rejoice in your unbounded love.

26 We pray for the United Methodist hospitals spread throughout Germany, and for their ministry at this difficult time of the coronavirus.

27 Give thanks for the huge variety of entertainments that we can obtain in our own living room through TV, videos, DVD’s etc. Help us to choose what we view or listen to with discretion and purpose.

28 Pray for the Armed Forces of our country and especially for the additional services they have been involved in during the epidemic.

29 God of the past, present and future, we pray that your word will be preached by Spirit-filled preachers and to encourage your disciples to acts of mission, evangelism and service.

30 We pray for all who were looking forward to holidays in the month ahead. May they find ways to relax and enjoy themselves, despite the lockdown.

31 (Pentecost) Come Holy Spirit, our friend and lover, unmask our pretending, expose our lives, sustain our weakness, redeem our creation. Come Holy Spirit, embrace us and free us.