Prayer calendar

3 Feb – 3 Mar 2019

3          (Homelessness Sunday) We pray for the work of all those who help the homeless, especially in our own city the Night Shelter, St Martin’s Housing Trust and the Salvation Army teams.

4          Heavenly Father we thank you for your love for all your children including those who live with dementia. Give to all of them and their relatives and carers patience, comfort and courage to face the daunting prospect of the disease.

5          Thank you, O God, for the gift of laughter. May we never be too serious in our religion and recognise that you share our joy and jokes.

6          Lord, we see you at work in our world and we want to give you thanks. When the stranger is made welcome; when the little people are listened to; when other people care about us and for us.

7          In the depths of winter, Lord, may we raise our heads to look forward to the wonderful world in which we live and the growth which starts in silence now.

8          “In the discipline of praying, when it’s hardest to believe; in the drudgery of caring when it’s not enough to grieve; faith, maturing, finds acceptance of the insights we receive.” (StF644)

9          Living Lord, you come as a light shining in the darkness. So we dare to hope that this world can be redeemed from despair and tragedy.

10        Pray for those who prepare the flowers in church each weekend and those who distribute them afterwards to members who are sick or having difficulties.

11        Lord, we give thanks for faithful Christians in Guyana who are seeking to be agents of change and to bring the light of Jesus into dark places.

12        Jesus, our brother, help us to follow you to break the chain of past wrongs and to be fit to face your coming kingdom.

13        We give thanks to God because he is our creator and parent; protector and king; Saviour and friend, lover and forgiver. May we give you thanks always and everywhere.

14        Pray for the people who collect our refuse each week.

15        O God, my soul is a ship adrift in seas of her own will, where there is no shelter, apart from you. Appoint for her, in the name of God, her course and its harbour.

16        Christ, when I quieten the mind, still my tongue and calm my heart, teach me to be still and know that you are God.

17        Loving God, we thank you for all who have listened to your call, followed you faithfully, served you in many different ways and witnessed to your truth, justice and love.

18        Give thanks for the gift of interpreting from other languages.

19        “May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.” (Psalm 19)

20        Pray for the smaller churches of our Circuit, some of whom are facing difficult times as their members get older.

21        We bring to God those who are sick at this time, that in renewal and refreshment they may feel the hand of you love in their lives.

22        For every foolish word, every malicious thought and every godless act, every neglect of human need, good Lord, forgive us.

23        We give thanks for the United Church of Papua New Guinea, which celebrated its Golden Jubilee last year. We pray for their leadership and for the church’s advocacy against sorcery and witchcraft.

24        (Fairtrade Fortnight starts). We pray for all who produce the food that we eat and especially those who live in the poorest countries of the world.

25        Pray for the weekly Scrabble Club and the fun enjoyed by its members.

26        Blessed be the Lord for the songs of worship, the great hymns of our faith, the music of a pilgrim people. Accept our offerings of praise.

27        “O speak to reassure me, to hasten or control; Lord, speak and make me listen, O guardian of my soul.” (StF563)

28        Pray for all who work at Bayer Chemicals on Sweet Briar Road.

1 (Mar) Jesus, our companion, you walk with us on our lifelong journey. Guide our way and point us in the direction you want us to take.

2          May the strength of God pilot us, may the power of God preserve us, may the wisdom of God instruct us, now and always.

3          May we leave our Lord’s table restored and committed to serve all those with whom we become one body, because of your sacrifice.