Prayer calendar



4 Lord forgive us if we have confused your will for us with our own interpretation of it or if we have preferred disagreement and quarrelling to finding unity.
5 Grant that today I may do the work I am assigned with honesty and fidelity, in order that I may lead no one astray.
6 We welcome you, the God who comes to us. Come to us now in the power of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.
7 Pray for our African Fellowship with their vibrant music and enjoyment of worship
8 O God, we thank you for the time we spend in community, in friendships and conversations that enrich and affirm ourselves.
9 O Lord, we pray that people with disabilities may be enabled increasingly to play their part, on equal terms in the life of our society.
10 “O come, O Dayspring, come and cheer our spirits by your advent here; disperse the gloomy clouds of night and death’s dark shadows put to flight.” (StF 180)
11 Lord, keep us your servants alert and watchful, as we await the return of Christ in glory, so that he may find us vigilant in prayer and with songs of praise on our lips.
12 Pray for our church stewards and the work they do to plan the future for the church.
13 O Lord, help us now and always to listen for your voice, to think fairly, to love widely, to witness humbly and to build up bravely.
14 We pray for young people in this season of hope, that they may have fullness of life through work, education, health and housing through their formative years.
15 We pray for all who work for Royal Mail, including those who deliver our mail to us.
16 Pray for the members of Alcoholics Anonymous, who use our premises.
17 (Carol Service) We give thanks for the music of Christmas, and the great joy it brings to our hearts.
18 We are called to proclaim the truth. This is true: that he has come that all may have life and in all its abundance. Thank you, O Lord.
19 “Tell out, my soul, the greatness of his might! Powers and dominions lay their glory by: proud hearts and stubborn wills are put to flight, the hungry fed, the humble lifted high.” (StF
20 For every foolish word, every malicious thought and every godless act, every neglect of human need, good Lord, forgive us.
21 We pray for all who work in Norwich’s shops at Christmas, including temporary staff, as they face their busiest time of the year.
22 Be with all whose special job it is to preach your gospel this Christmas.
23 Give me a heart content and a mind at rest, so that I may sleep in peace and rise in strength.
24 Holy Child of Bethlehem, whose parents found no room at the inn, we pray for all who are homeless today.
25 (Christmas) We join with the angels today to give you praise, that you are present, unobtrusively, in our world at the centre of human affairs and sharing our human experience.
26 We pray for all who have had to work over this Christmas holiday and ask your blessing on their families.
27 O Lord, we rejoice in the gift of a new born child, which reminds us how dependent we are upon your goodness and love.
28 Bless all whose lives are filled with sadness or loss at this time, who miss the love and contact of someone who can no longer be with them.
29 Lord, thank you for the way in which laughter can heal the world and remove silly prejudices from our thoughts.
30 Give thanks for all the kindness and love that has sustained you throughout the past year.
31 We thank you for the celebrations which will take place tonight. Give us a joyful encouragement as we look ahead to the New Year.