Prayer calendar


See also the list of preacher at the bottom of this list.

February 2 – March 1, 2020
2 Renew our hearts, O God, with the light of your Gospel story. May we shine more brightly and share more boldly the treasure of good news.

3 Glory to God, fire of holy love, who for our sanctification has poured forth his life-giving spirit.

4 We pray for the church in Ghana as it prepares for a general election in the country in 2020 and ask your blessing that the result may be a peaceful succession in power.

5 “Lord Jesus, make me whole; grant me no resting place, until I rest, heart, mind and soul, the captive of your grace.” (StF466)

6 Lord, create in me a love for peace : not peace that is the absence of struggle nor that is blind to injustice, but peace that makes whole what now is broken.

7 We pray for the Methodist Church in Wales, as it meets in Synod this week. Bless its witness and outreach in the different circumstances of that country.

8 Lord, we praise you for every single act of good that is done; for every ounce of love that is shown; for every kind word and deed said or done in Jesus’ name.

9 Pray for all the Local Preachers who lead our worship and those in training around the Circuit.

10 (Pastoral Team) Lord, we pray for all our members who are sick or failing in health. We pray that our pastoral visitors will be a blessing to them and will help us all to care for our church community.

11 Pray for all who are suffering from mental illness and depression and the charities and helpers who seek to provide assistance to them.

12 Pray for all who cannot afford adequate heating in their homes this winter

13 Pray for all who work in Travel Agencies in Norwich.

14 (Valentine’s Day) Bless all who are in love, as they celebrate today’s saint’s day and enable us all to share their celebration of love.

15 Confess to God the things that you find difficult to admit to other people; the thoughts that you do not admit to anyone.

16 We pray for the Methodist Church in Ireland, which has made many changes and now needs time to free up people to undertake local mission and outreach in communities there.

17 Help me to remember that people are always more important than systems or objects or machines.

18 Pray for the members of the Tuesday Friendship Club and all who help to prepare the lunches for them.

19 We pray for all who are persecuted for their faith, by those among whom they live or work. May the light of your gospel shine in such dark places.

20 Pray for the Short Tennis Club which uses our church hall.

21 Make me always sympathetic to failure, patient with foolishness, firm with laziness and loving to all.

22 Pray for the supernumerary ministers who live in our Circuit and assist with services, when age and infirmity allow.

23 O God, who loved us first, fill us with your love so that our words and actions may reveal your divine love at work in the world.

24 Pray for all doctors and nurses working in the NHS who we know are under great strain and stress at the current time.

25 (Shrove Tuesday) As we enjoy all the stunts and pancake throwing that go on today, may we remember that it is all for a purpose relating to Lent and our intentions for forgoing such celebrations during that time of fasting.

26 (Ash Wednesday) Create and make in us new and contrite hearts, that we, acknowledging our sin, may receive from you perfect remission and forgiveness.

27 “Watching, praying, struggling thus, victory shall be ours too; angels minister to us, as they ministered to you.” (StF236)

28 Thank you Lord, for your reckless love, that heals our brokenness, gives us strength to face another day and forgives us our sins.

29 We give thanks, Lord, for the celebration of fair trade this Fairtrade Fortnight. Bless all those who produce the goods that we can buy under that banner and all at Traidcraft and other companies that market their goods and help them.

1 (Mar) O Lord we pray for all the work that churches do together. May such cooperation grow and prosper and lead to fuller unity.

Preachers from our church, for whom we are asked to pray, as they fulfil appointments in other churches around this Circuit.

2 Feb David Ingham Costessey 10.30 am

Stephen Osborn Forncett 10.45 am

9 Feb Matthew Olanrewaju Costessey 10.30 am

David Ingham Brooke 10.30 am

Frances Middleton Old Buckenham 10.45 am

Matthew Olanrewaju Morley 3.00 pm

16 Feb Stephen Osborn Costessey 10.30 am

Matthew Olanrewaju Drayton 10.30 am

Zing Eagling Forncett 10.45 am

23 Feb David Ingham Wymondham 10.30 am

1 Mar see new plan when available.