The church has an active Outreach group which has, for the last two years, raised funds for the Mtapa Methodist Church in Zimbabwe.  To help support single mothers, many with AIDS, the Chicken and Cow Project was started to enable the women to earn an income. Within the UK the church actively supports a number of local charities for the homeless, such as St Martin’s Housing Trust and the YMCA. There is also strong support for  Christian Aid, Action for Children as well as rwo of the church supported local homes for the elderly at Corton House and Cromwell House.

The church regularly welcomes individuals and groups from overseas, some are students in Norwich and others locating here as refugees. We try to offer help to these friends as they come to terms with a new language and culture.

The church has strong ties with the adjacent Primary school.

The Outreach group seeks at all times to achieve the target to make all feel welcome